Jain Welding







AWS: A5.4:E 316L-16
IS: 5206:E 19.12.2 R 26


SUNWELD 316L is a stainless steel electrode depositing an extra low carbon 18% Cr, 12 % Ni and 2.8 % Mo stainless steel weld metal. The weld metal has excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion even at elevated temperatures.


Chemical Composition (%) Mechanical Properties
C 0.03 Mn 0.80 UTS 56-66 kg/mm2
Si 0.80 Cr 19 EL (L=4d) 30-42%
Ni 12.5 Mo 2.8 Impact (CVN) at 200C 56-80 Joules


Ideally suited for welding of 18/13/Mo type steels corresponding to AISI 316 & 316L,317 type stainless steels used in chemical tanks paper mill equipment,bleaching equipment,chemicals plats,textile plants whose vessel furnaces are exposed to severe corrosion by acids etc.


Size Length Current Range Qty of Electrodes in a Qty of Electrodes in a
(mm) (mm) (Amps) Carton Cardboard Box
2.5 350 60-80 2 Kg 10 Kg
3.15 350 80-100 2 Kg 10 Kg
4 350 100-140 2 Kg 10 Kg


Electrodes are packed in Cartons and five of these Cartons are shrink wrapped in a cardboard box.


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